I want to write a BACON cookbook. But not as you know it. Quirky, delicious, fun. Bacon as you have never thought possible. But hoped.
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The Best Bacon Cookbook Ever. Fact. :) 

Hardcover with 80 bacon recipes. The emphasis will be on great and new recipes, well tested, but there will also be a strong focus on design and lots of photographs. There will be an ebook too and The Bacon Post, a weekly email missive in the build up to completion and launch, including 12 new recipes (Bourbon Bacon Vanilla Ice Cream, Bacon Marshmallow, Bacon Eclairs, Bacon Brunches & Suppers), allowing you to dip your toe into the world of delicious bacon madness for only £3. 

The recipes are all mine, and have been developed over 3 years of bacon cookery classes, and bacon recipe development at home. These are fun & delicious recipes for everything from bacon jam, to bacon sweets, cakes, cocktails bacon brunches and bacon afternoon teas.



I love food and I love bacon. I have been writing about food for 6 years, with my first cookbook published by Quadrille Publishers in 2011. This was well received, in the national press (see the end of this piece) and has (at time of writing) 111 Amazon reviews averaging 4 stars. It was also bought by Lyons Press and published in North America. 

I pen the award winning food blog Eat Like a Girl. Added to this I run Brunch Clubs and teach Bacon Masterclasses. I get a kick from cooking with bacon and have a lot of fun sharing it. A book was the next logical step and I want to take it. 

Making bacon fudge in my bacon masterclasses
Making bacon fudge in my bacon masterclasses


As well as being a food writer, I have always been entrepreneurial. I had a market stall selling my own food that I cooked and served (17 hour days: I am not afraid of hard work), have set up a mobile cookery school (with a strong focus on bacon). I love a project. 

I used to be a publishing project manager and I would love to use these skills again but for my own book. I know exactly who I want to hire to help me deliver it, and I know we can do a great job producing something fun, exciting and very different. I want to create a book that you will want to read as well as cook from.

Traditionally I would pitch to a publisher and get an advance based on the amount of books that their team calculate that I might sell. This is a much more direct way of doing that. I think this book is a great idea and will be ace, but this is a real test as to whether it is a book that the bacon loving public want. My approach is eclectic and delicious, and I know that you will love it. 

Bourbon Bacon Chocolate Truffles
Bourbon Bacon Chocolate Truffles


Because it is the most delicious thing on the planet (fact), is a lot of fun to cook (fact), especially when used in the most surprising of ways (truly: fact).

Bacon Fudge - so good
Bacon Fudge - so good


There will be home curing of bacon, from traditional to avant garde. Cures of brown sugar and spice, maple syrup and others. There will be bacon jam, but not the ones you have tried. There will be firey ones, smokey, bacon & cola jam, among others. And all the things you can do with it. 

Chipotle and Brown Sugar Bacon Honeycomb Butter (amazing on toast or pancakes)
Chipotle and Brown Sugar Bacon Honeycomb Butter (amazing on toast or pancakes)

There will be candied bacon. Candied more than one way with lots of different flavour profiles. And all that you can do with those too. There will be bacon sweets - these are very delicious, thinking salted caramel but with a little more bang. Bacon fudge (a big hit from the Bacon Masterclasses, I have never published the recipe). Bacon toffee, bacon marshmallows, bacon chocolate bark and other bacon treats. 

I can't tell you everything, there must be some surprises :) 


I thought about doing this on my own, or seeking sponsorship, but the idea of community support and bringing the book to life from the very beginning is much more liberating and exciting. And fun!


PROJECT: BACON will be a similar size to my first book, with 80 recipes and lots of photographs. This time it will be hardcover. It will be bright, lively, well photographed and designed, energetic and well tested. 


The first release of Project: BACON will be in May 2014. A second print run will be delivered in June 2014. The first edition is limited. This second edition will be limited edition also.


“the writing is inspired… the food is double inspired… here is a book that has been lived in: it’s funny, smart and real, just like the grub it lovingly describes.” (John & Sally McKenna’s Guides, 2011)

'There is something jaunty, fresh and homely about the first cookbook by Niamh Shields.' --Imagine, Interiors and Living Magazine

'Lively writing and delicious, doable recipes'--Mail on Sunday (YOU), September 24, 2011

'Packed full of recipes which are easy to make, taste delicious and always turn out right' --Irish Tatler, June

'She cleverly blends and matches ingredients to produce a wealth of flavours' --BBC Good Food, December 2012

'This collection of recipes for brunch, speedy suppers, slow-cooked dinners for long-weekends and sweet things will have you heading straight for the kitchen' for Comfort and Spice --Delicious magazine, Dec 2011

'This is an appetising book, with pretty photography and bags of youthful appeal' for Comfort and Spice --The Daily Telegraph, Dec 2011

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